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Creating an Inclusive Elementary School Tech Club

During the 2006-2007 school year I participated in an online graduate program through Pepperdine University in order to earn an online Master's degree in Educational Technology. An integral part of my work this year was completing an action research project. Action research is a method of examining one's own actions and investigating how those actions can influence others to learn. It is primarily a study of the way that I work with others. I chose as my project a study of how I could increase student participation in the elementary school Tech Club I facilitated. I wanted more girls and students on the Autism Spectrum to take part in the technology projects Tech Club worked on. I hoped to increase the digital literacy of Tech Club students. I wanted to increase the school community's understanding of Tech Club's work. I also wanted to increase student leadership potential through student-lead projects.




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Action Research Report

Cycle Three Report

Cycle Two Report

Cycle One Report

Action Research Plan Draft 2

Action Research Timeline

Action Research Summary

Action Research Plan

Framing the Research Problem

Action Research Literature Review

Action Research Blog

ARP Force Field Map


Action Research Report: My final report in which I consider the results of my actions intended to make Tech Club more inclusive.

Cycle Three Report: My final cycle report, I examine my actions in thic Cycle help empower students through their technology use.

Cycle Two Report: Building upon my Action Research, I study my actions during Cycle Two of my research.

Cycle One Report: A statement of the problem, my Cycle One question, the actions I took, the evidence I collected, the answer to my question and a reflection.

Action Research Plan Draft 2: I am working on building what will become my final report.

Action Research Timeline: I chart my actions here.

Action Research Summary: A description of the problem I am working on and what actions I plan to take.

Action Research Plan: This document charts my course of action in Tech Club.

Framing the Research Problem: Here I consider myriad aspects of the research problem and my roles in the action research.

Action Research Literarure Review: I consider writings and work by others to help me determine the best course of action as I seek to increase participation in Tech Club.

Action Research Blog: This is where all the action happens! Read as I conduct my action research and write about other esoteric and interesting subjects!

Action Research Force Field Map: I chart the forces in my favor and working against me.


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