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Ethics Statement

To My Elementary School:

I am undertaking an action research project to study my own practice as the advisor of an elementary school Tech Club. This ethics statement is to assure you that I will observe good ethical practice during the duration of my research and the project.

This means the following:

  • the project will be shared with and have the support of Ralph Allen,
    Principal of Our Elementary School
  • Parent and student permission will be secured for any use of photo, video,
    or student interview;
  • I will protect the confidentiality of students by not using real names of
    students, teachers or of the school;
  • I will be open and honest about all of my work with students and parents;
  • The principal will have access to the research prior to its publication;
  • I will honor any student or parent's request that I not include information
    about their student participation in my analysis;
  • The major purpose of the work if for me to examine my practice and
    improve the way I organize Tech Club.


Joshua Burker


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